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NEW book release! Sons of the 43rd

New! Book by Dr. Mike Spradlin traces WW II story of Gray Allison and Delmar Dotson—A story of bravery, strength, and grit

sons-of-the-43rd-advance-galley-proof-photoSons of the 43rd tells the story of two men who left their small-town America to travel around the world and fight an enemy they had never met. One man survived World War II, and the other disappeared, his fate unknown until a chance discovery 50 years later. Delmar Dotson of Pound, Virginia, lost his father and grew up in an orphanage. The disappearance of his plane in the jungles of New Guinea has haunted his family for decades. Gray Allison (circled in photo) of Ida, Louisiana, also lost his father but later in life. Both men found a home in the 43rd Bombardment Group fighting the Japanese, first in New Guinea and finally, for Allison, at the doorstep of Japan.

Dr. B. Gray Allison is President Emeritus of Mid-America, and Delmar Dotson is a relative of current MABTS President and the book’s author, Dr. Mike Spradlin.

Order your copy of Sons of the 43rd from Amazon or any other book retailers. All proceeds benefit Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary.

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