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natural hoof care certification

This two week intensive is part of the 12 month trade certificate course for professional hoof trimmers to gain a Nationally Recognised Certificate in Equine Hoof Care with ACEHP - the Australian Certified Equine Hoof Care Practitioners. I was looking for guidance to help Margie as well as improve my trimming skills. The Great Basin Wild and Free-Roaming Horse: Our Model for Hoof Care Excellence Our certified practitioners (listed under "Get Help") use the hooves of the U.S. Great Basin wild and free-roaming horses as the ideal model. Good question. Andrew Bowe has truly seen hoof care from both sides of the Anvil. Havana Horses is a natural horse riding school for your horsey holidays, trail rides, lessons and courses. Obtain a complete understanding of hoof health and begin to become proficient at hoof trimming in this comprehensive, five-day technical course. In hoof care, there is a correct way to trim the hoof. This course is the best source of practical education in natural horse and hoof care in the world. Natural Hoof Care. Janelle Henley-Wild Certified Natural Hoof Farrier. In 2008, I began barefoot trimming full time. The Institute for the Study of Natural Horse Care Practices is the organization teaching the natural hoof care training program created by Jaime Jackson. I service Mid-Michigan utilizing the Whole Horse Hoof Method for soundness and balance. The Equine Lameness Prevention Organization offers various certification opportunities for hoof care professionals. Hands on training, online courses, and virtual lessons and apprenticeships to educate horse owners about barefoot trimming. Certified Member ~ American Hoof Association. I am currently taking the NRC Plus equine nutrician course offered by Dr Eleanor Kellon. This is the healthy, highly functioning hoof that nature gave the species. Photo Gallery. 2.6 Consider workload levels, environment and diet that impact on equine welfare as part of the hoof care plan. We trim the hoof in response to the growth and wear we see. Prevention and cure the natural way. Natural Hoof Care - Barefoot Trimming Being a student of the Horse I live and work in the dirt. Enrol now. 815/245-9617 Welcome to Havana Horses in Salatiga, Indonesia. Natural Hoof Care Practitioners (United States) The NHC practitioners listed here received their training either through the AANHCP prior to 2009, or the ISNHCP since 2009 when all training by the AANHCP was transferred to the ISNHCP. Jeffrey Eddy is an EqAT certified and practices natural horse hoof trimming and rehabilitation. I am an AANHCP member and actively working toward certification. For more information visit The listing of trimmers, schools or qualifications on this site is neither approval nor recommendation. Jeannie Wright. Run by a veterinary surgeon and a barefoot trimmer V&T Equine Services offers TCVM acupuncture as well as natural hoof care. Jeff has a holistic approach to hoof and horse care. Founded in 2014 our goal is to educate and empower horse owners to take control of their horse's hoof care needs. Promoting Natural Horsemanship. Horse owners guide to natural hoof care. Inspirational work introducing new models for hoof care and horse keeping, natural gaits, anatomy, behavior and training. This 12 month course entails a two week intensive study block, time with mentors in the field, compilation of detailed case studies and assignments. We recommend opening a second window on your computer and writing your answers to the questions in a word processing program. When our barefoot trimmer retired due to a back injury, I began training with Pacific Hoof Care Practitioners.  The Equine Sciences Academy is more than a school, it is a journey. Your practitioner’s technique and training will have a significant effect on the success of your barefoot experience. My work as certified Natural Hoof Care Practitioner is based on research on the lifestyle and the hooves of the wild horse of the U.S. Great Basin -- the mustang. Incomplete applications cannot be p rocessed. Teaching hoof care. A few basics about natural trimming. I am a certified whole horse barefoot trimmer. Join the big brand in hoof care, ACEHP – The Australian Certified Equine Hoof Care Practitioners. John is now retired. By Jaime Jackson The Natural Horse. Margo Scofield (Natural Hoof Care Practitioner)(AANHCP, PT) – Syracuse, NY – website: email: phone: (315)383-6429. Natural Horse Care and Barefoot Trimming! He was a Master Farrier for 20 years before he explored natural hoof care. Kia ora and Welcome to New Zealand’s Official Hoof Care Organisation web site HOOFNZ Hoofcare Organisation Of New Zealand Inc. Our goal is to provide a high quality Natural Hoof Care Training Programme to support New Zealand’s growing demand for professional trimmers while at the same time offering a similar training opportunity for horse owners wanting to trim their own horses. Nationally accredited training in professional hoof care - study a Diploma of Equine Podiotherapy with Australia's leading trainers in natural hoof care, The Australian College of Equine Podiotherapy. Her focus is to educate owners about hoof anatomy, function and proper barefoot trimming that supports and grows healthy and functional hooves specific to each horse's individual needs. As the justice system preaches ignorance of the the law is no excuse, the same analogy applies to Horse health, training and hoof care. Simply put, it is trimming that would mimic the natural wear a horse would receive in the wild (it's natural environment).The wild horses' hooves are the picture of perfection and what we should all strive for in our own horses.Unfortunately, most of our domestic horses do not get the 10+ miles of movement to wear their own hooves like the wild horses. Natural horsemanship, natural horse and hoof care, bitless and barefoot. The ESA offers both an Equine Sciences Degree and Certification in Natural Hoof Care. Chuck Willis is a Natural hoofcare practitioner in the AANHCP certification program in Portland, Oregon. Nowadays more and more people are starting to realize that a change of keeping and shoeing their horses is needed – and possible! Certification. He later earned the designation Master Hoof Care Professional. While hoof health is the foundation of the horse’s overall well being, each element of horse care (nutrition, turnout, hoof care) is interconnected and must be in balance for proper horse health. Luke is a certified natural hoof care practitioner, instructor and clinician for the AANHCP and ISNHCP with over 15 years experience. There are as many trimming methods out there as you can imagine. My wife and I have owned horses for 20 years.

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