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Beaman’s Commentary published through Dr. Spradlin’s efforts

Mid-America publishes Beaman’s Commentary on the Gospel of John

The discovery of a commentary written (but never published) by Dr. Roy O. Beaman, longtime seminary professor and New Testament scholar, brings his unique biblical insights to light. Roy Beaman combined the talents of a linguist, a New Testament scholar, and a biblical archaeologist. He was one of the original four faculty members of Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary. His commentary on the Gospel of John was developed for almost four decades and taught repeatedly in churches and in seminary classrooms. Though the manuscript was never published, printed copies were distributed through the years. Beaman’s Commentary on the Gospel of John is the compilation of two of those manuscripts. Edited and revised by Michael R. Spradlin, PhD, this work will serve the scholar seeking information and the believer seeking devotional insights.

One Comment

  • Dr. Cleo E. Jackson, III

    December 19, 2018 at 10:40 am

    Dr. Spradlin,
    I somehow have in my possession a manuscript copy of “Old Testament Archaeology” by Roy Beaman. It was printed out at Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary, P.O. box 2736, Little Rock, Arkansas 72203 in 1962. It appears to be Volume One (Genesis 1-11) of a three part set. Is this entire work in print? Is there a New Testament counterpart? If so, is any or all available in print? I can find no information about either online. Or do I have something unique here? Perhaps even something you need? I am writing you as you appear to have found and published his Commentary on John.
    I appreciate your assistance.
    Dr. C. E. Jackson, III
    Lenoir city, TN