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  • Author: Michael R Spradlin

Will Tattoos​ Be in Heaven?

Dateline: Somewhere in Texas, USA I already know the answer to the question. But the first thing I noticed about him was the Nazi symbols tattooed on his skin. A reminder that he had a past. I also noticed the cross symbol on the pocket of his prison uniform. A reminder that he has a…

Beaman’s Commentary published through Dr. Spradlin’s efforts

Mid-America publishes Beaman’s Commentary on the Gospel of John The discovery of a commentary written (but never published) by Dr. Roy O. Beaman, longtime seminary professor and New Testament scholar, brings his unique biblical insights to light. Roy Beaman combined the talents of a linguist, a New Testament scholar, and a biblical archaeologist. He was…

The Long March Home

The soldier’s march is long and hard but not because of miles, for he carries a weight that cannot be named. Every wound is not of bullet or bayonet, but often of deeds done and of deeds not done. What do you say when a Christian “leaves the faith?” What commentary exposits the deeper meaning…

Child of a lesser god

For why is all around us here As if some lesser god had made the world, But had not force to shape it as he would? Till the High God behold it from beyond, And enter it, and make it beautiful? Alfred Lord Tennyson (1809-1892): Idylls of the King: The Passing of Arthur. Line 13ff….

Death Was Our Unity: Memphis, Tennessee and the Yellow Fever Epidemic of 1878

“Most cases, of whatever nature, were ushered in by a chill, followed by a fever, with a pulse and temperature to which the succeeding phenomena would correspond. The attack was so violent in some cases that death occurred within thirty-six hours.” Dr. Happoldt. Memphis, Tennessee 1878 (Source, p. 46) 1. A Forgotten Treasure A chance…

Who Trains the Superheroes?

Special Forces Members May Not Have Super Powers but They Do Have Super Training Imagine for a moment that you are flying in a helicopter. For most of us, that represents an adventure that few will experience. Now add to that: you are strapped in your helicopter seat in a near hurricane, at night, over water, and…